Joshua Gilmore of Cobleskill was recently arrested for trespassing after he allegedly broke into a home to catch a couple of Z’s on a couch. The homeowner became hip to his uninvited guest on Sunday morning while he worked to clear snow from his driveway. As the homeowner shoveled, a dude (Gilmore) walked out the front door.

“Troopers said Joshua Gilmore, 27, of Cobleskill, told the man he needed a place to sleep and allegedly made himself at home on the stranger's couch.” -TU

At first glance this seems like an open and shut case but if I were Gilmore’s lawyer I am certain I could get him off the hook. I would use the Goldilocks defense. We have been taught at a very young age that if you need something to eat and a place to sleep then consider any unlocked house an open door policy.  Even if that house belongs to man eating rabid bears.