Most people laugh at the idea of climate change actually effecting us.  Science has stepped in and proved it hurt civilization once, so it can probably do it again.

Not to get all 'sciencey' or anything, but this information was actually pretty cool.  As a huge history nerd I am all about ancient cultures and seeing how they lived.  So this weekend when researchers said they had information on the demise of a lost civilization, I was all in.

As it turns out Mesopotamia may not have been the first civilization after all.  At least the first big one anyway.  There were a bunch of people living it what is modern day India before that.  So where did they go?  Turns out climate change had a lot to do with it.   They were based around rivers fed by monsoons.  When the climate adjusted over time, monsoons stopped, rivers dried up, and people vanished.

It's kind scary when you think about it.  Maybe all this 'Go Green' stuff really has some backing behind it.  At the very least it has to make you consider the options of helping the environment a bit.