There is always something a little bit creepy about certain children's movies out there, but when you take something like "Mary Poppins" or "Willie Wonka" and actually turn it into a trailer for a horror movie, then you have a recipe for nightmares for years to come. Be ready be creeped out by beloved childhood films and movies that were never meant to scare you. Happy Halloween!

  • Gore Story

    You will never look at "Toy Story" the same way again. When you combine the famous children's movie and mix it in with sounds from "Saw" you have something so creepy it makes your skin crawl.

  • Dumb & Dumber

    We already knew that Lloyd Christmas was a bit unstable, but what happens when he is put into a "Shining" type setting. Better watch out Mary Swanson, because he's coming for you!

  • Home Alone

    Most little kids would be scared to be home all alone. Now Macaulay Culkin can finally become one of those scared little kids. It's amazing how a little flashy editing and music can make something seem like it's not.

  • The Lion King

    Disney's "The Lion King" may be one of the most beloved movies of all time. Mix that with some scar-tactics and you have an entirely different movie that I no longer want to watch all alone.

  • Uncle Buck

    Seriously, Uncle Buck? Some of John Candy's best work and now turned into this suspenseful movie that turns the lovable Uncle into a psychopath.

  • Scary Poppins

    I thought I would save the best for last. Mary Poppins is a little creepy. I mean she flies in from the clouds and can take you into cartoons, so I already believe her be giving the kids some kind of drugs. Turn it into a horror movie, and now you are ready to poop your pants.