Christmas morning is amazing! Opening presents, the first couple cups of coffee - There's joy in the air. But as the day progresses, seems like everyone is on edge and waiting to blow.

So when exactly will everything "go south" on Christmas Day? You know, so you can lock yourself away in a room and hide.

According to a new survey, the tempers will flare right around 3:18 PM. Which is typically shortly after Christmas dinner is served.

Think about it? Most families have their gatherings in the early afternoon with dinner around the same time. Lots of people who normally don't get along crammed in to close quarters, someone is bound to break their silence about something.

Alcohol doesn't help matters much either. Most in the survey say they have their first drink around 12:52 PM and are arguing by 2:00 PM.

Two-thirds of the respondents say there's "no chance" of their family being able to make it through Christmas day without a single fight.

So what are the most common reasons for fighting this holiday season?

  1. Who gets to control the TV remote.
  2. Who has to wash the dishes.
  3. Cheating at board games or any game in general.
  4. What to eat for Christmas dinner.
  5. How the tree should be decorated.
  6. How the house should be decorated.
  7. Who has to cook Christmas dinner.
  8. Bad Christmas presents