Another Hollywood starlet has hit rock bottom. First it was singer Britney Spears, and now singer/actress Christina Aguilera has been added to the list. Last month she had two big flops happen to her on live television, when she forgot some of the National Anthem lyrics at the beginning of the Superbowl, and then just a week later when she stumbled on the stage at the annual Grammy Awards. As if things couldn't get worse for the 30-year-old star, it was announced earlier today that she got arrested.

She and 25-year-old boyfriend Matthew Rutler (who was the driver) were driving in LA early this morning when they got pulled over and were both found to be highly intoxicated. They were both taken to the police station where Rutler was issued a DUI and set for $30,000 bail. He got out on just $5,000, however.

Aguilera was taken in for public drunkenness, meaning she was extremely intoxicated and unable to take care of herself, according to TMZ. She was released as soon as she sobered up and could think and act coherently once again.

She was not and will not be prosecuted in any way, but the star was placed in cuffs, fingerprinted and placed in a jail cell. This would all have been prevented however is boyfriend Rutler was never drunk driving, which is a perfect example of my life saying "everything happens for a reason."

TMZ also claimed that Aguilera's stature is cause for concern, as she is just 100 lbs. at 5'2'', which puts her in the "underweight" range.

Aguilera divorced ex-husband Jordan Bratman less than six months ago, and the fact that she is already in another relationship on top of her recent downfalls suggests the divorce might be a contributing factor, and that she is trying to hide it with drinking. I'm not trying to judge her, but she's been on a downward spiral for awhile now and it's all starting to cause her her career.

Aguilera's downward spiral began last summer, when her first album in four years, "Bionic," failed to catch on with fans. (The LP has not yet gone gold, meaning it has sold less than 500,000 copies; all her previous English language studio releases have sold platinum -- more than 1 million copies.) A "Bionic" tour was nixed, reportedly so Aguilera could rehearse more and focus on promoting the film "Burlesque," though industry experts theorized soft ticket sales were likely more to blame. Aguilera never rescheduled the dates, and "Burlesque" eventually underwhelmed at the box office, taking in less than $40 million domestically despite a big promotional push around the film's Aguilera/Cher pairing.

What's funny is that the movie Burlesque came out on DVD and Blu-Ray today.

Hopefully this will cause reality to slap Aguilera across the face so she can get her act together before she ends up as pathetic as Britney Spears. Do you think her short time in prison will straighten her out?