Chris Cornell’s acoustic tour is almost over, but there may be one last chance to see him in this form that’s not too far away. Cornell had to cancel his show on April 19th at Bardovan in Poughkeepsie, NY. It is said that he is to reschedule the show although the new date has not been announced yet. There have been nothing but rave reviews about this ‘Songbook’ tour. A friend of mine who’s seen Cornell, Soundgarden and Audioslave multiple times saw the show in Boston a few weeks back and said it was by far the best Cornell experience yet. A must see of any fan. And after watching a video he took on his Iphone, I believe it. He also mentioned that Chris has been mixing it up with different cover songs from night to night too. I’m hoping and praying that the rescheduled date is one that I can make as I would love to see him in this setting. Check out this interview to find out how Cornell breaks down the acoustic shows and chooses what to play. There’s also a video of Audioslave’s ‘Be Yourself’ there too. Enjoy, and if you happen to hear of when that rescheduled date is before I do, please let me know.