It's been 15 years since the last new Soundgarden album was released. At the Download Festival this past weekend, frontman Chris Cornell said that he believes the album will pick up right where they left off in 1996. Soundgarden plans to release a comeback album of new music this fall. Watch the video now.

Chris Cornell says the new album will be very rich and diverse.

He also stated

We have an album coming out in the fall. It's kind of hard to describe, it's sort of picking up where we left off. There's a lot of different feels on the album.  We're a band where every single member contributes music so that makes it very diverse. It's a very rich album with a lot of different moods to it.

Once the band got together;

We met up because we wanted to take responsibility for the legacy of the band. Once we were together and hanging out, we thought we should do a surprise show and play five songs. And then they we thought we'd do a real show, and then we should do a tour. Once we were in a room and playing music, it naturally led to writing songs.