Aerosmith left the arena and my buddy snapped this shot from Steven Tyler’s Locker room. I’m going to pretend the Aerosmith logo was also to remind Tyler what band he is in.

Some might say there is no shame in having to be reminded what city you are in. big performers are in a different city every night and some times their brains are confused from the travel and the drugs. How ever in the case of Steven Tyler I’m going to assume it’s a combination of the travel, the drugs, and the being old enough to eat for $3 and Golden Corral.

After my friend sent me the picture above he also informed me that Steven Tyler’s dressing room had a sigh hanging on the wall with crazy grooming instructions. “Eye drops every 20 mins, nose drops” and directions on how to style his hair. This now forces me to believe that Steven Tyler has lost his marbles and he’s just one forgotten hanging reminder sign to walking on stage pants less and without eyes.