If you’re one of those people who illegally talk on the phone while driving you better be extra alert over the next few days. 

Operation Hang Up has been in effect since yesterday and lasts thru Thursday. Four days of State Troopers specifically looking for drivers who are chatting, texting or anything they shouldn’t be doing while driving a car on the Thruway. Last year they issued over 8,000 tickets. At 100 bucks a whack and another $60 surcharge that sounds like a great way to get budgets in tact. Seriously, if the police ticketed just one tenth of the people who break this law daily the government would never have any money problems. I’ll bet we could pay off the Chinese in less than a year. One of my favorites is when you’re at a traffic light next to a police car and you drop your phone and yell to your friend… “Hold on, I got a cop next to me”, then you look over and the officer is actually talking on his cell phone. That one always cracks me up!