2011 is seeing a lot of our favorite celebrities hit the half century mark.  I couldn't believe that some of them were already that old.This all came to my attention when I saw that today was Michael J Foxes birthday.  I couldn't believe that Marty McFly was turning 50!  That's unbelievable to me.  I guess that means that I am also getting older.  So this got me thinking about all the other celebrities celebrating to big 5-0.

These are the people that I was watching while I was growing up, so it's hard to believe that soem of them could be grandparents pretty soon.  I can't believe that Heather Locklear is turning 50. She still looks amazing at 49.  Also turning 50 is Woody Harrelson, who has looked that age or older for years now.  Eddie Murphy and George Clooney already celebrated their 50ths a few months ago.  Also turning 50 this year, our commander in chief.  President Barack Obama will turn 50 on August 4th.