Weird News

TSA Pat-Down Of A 10-Year-Old Girl (VIDEO)
A hot topic today is this video, of a 10-year-old girl who needed extra screening, because she forgot to remove a Capri Sun juice pouch from her carry-on luggage.
Is this really necessary?
And how awkward is this?
This video is just creepy, and I have seen a lot of creepy things on and off the internet…
Gay People Touch Things For The First Time (VIDEO)
Lesbians touch male genitalia for the first time, and two gay guys touch female breasts for the first time, and it is not pornographic, or inappropriate, because the key word is: Consent.
Is it a hate crime, if I want to punch one of the gay guys...
And Now … Speakers For Your Vagina
Apparently, singing while impregnated or placing headphones on your fetus-filled belly just isn't getting quality sound to your unborn child. No worries, there is a solution! Insert Babypod!
Did You Have A Productive 2015? (VIDEO)
Today is the day that we are all supposed to look forward, and set goals, or resolutions, to better ourselves, but most of us did the same thing last year and failed, like me.
I did not have a very productive 2015, all I did was help launch this pilot for a sketch comedy show...
2015 Was A Major Disappointment (VIDEO)
No flying cars, or Black & Decker Hydrator, Lawyers have not been abolished, there has not been a new "Jaws" movie since 1987, the Cubs did not win the World Series, and the Hoverboard is a lie!
Don't believe me?
Just ask Mike Tyson.
When Late-Night Tacos Go Wrong
A couple of not-so-bright burglars totally unknowingly became the stars of one of the best taco shop “commercials” I’ve ever seen (and I come from SoCal so that’s saying a lot)!
Holiday Twerking
I Would first of like to thank jolly old Saint Nick for bringing us twerking many years ago. Such a courteous and thoughtful gift.
Poop for Dessert?!?
A pop-up café in Hong Kong has created a menu themed around Gudetama, the “Lazy Egg” character from Sanrio, the company that makes Hello Kitty and all those other characters that were pretty popular in the '90s. But its their Dim Dum dish that’…

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