Winter Storm Warning For Parts of Upstate NY
Wooohoooo, I think we are in the clear. You know what, thank the heavens, cause I'm done with winter. DONE! But hey Buffalo and Rochester, you guys are expected to get crazy snow so enjoy your last hoorah!
Girlfriend Scratches Car And All I Can Think About Is Spring
There's nothing like a woman's scorn. They will hand your ass to you and ask questions later. Doesn't matter what your reasoning is: you are screwed until they say it's over. And you know what, most of the time saying 'it's over' is not in their vocabulary. Case in…
When Will The Albany Area Warm Up?
That is the question of the day, week and season. The weather around here has been less than delightful and extremely frightful. With ridiculous snow and cold temps since Thanksgiving everyone wants to know: When the hell is it going to warm up?
Local Potholes Getting Temporary Fix For Winter Months
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Driving around the Capital Region has been a bit tougher in the last couple of days. Thanks the weather warming up, then getting extremely cold again in a short amount of time the roadways are starting to break apart causing massive potholes.
As much …
Snow Storm May Cause Trouble For Thursday Evening Commute
And yet another reason why I'm not a weatherman. High pressure air preventing a storm from running up the east coast which may lead to 4-8 inches of snow falling on Thursday, or not. High pressure, what?  Yeah, it makes no sense to me but I will try to explain it anyways.
Epic Winter Fails – The People Vs Winter [Video]
The Capital Region got upwards of 12 and even 15 inches of snow this week. Many of us are sore from all the shoveling and digging out that had to be done in order to go to work.
Can winter be over already?
To help ease your winter pains and blues, here's a compilation of people failing at survivi…

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