New Police Radar Can See Inside Your Home [Video]
Bad news for privacy fans: The police are getting their hands on a new piece of handheld technology designed to peer through walls.
The highly-sensitive radar can detect movement as subtle as breathing from up to 50 feet away through solid concrete, USA Today and Atlanta's WXIA-TV report.
How about some ROCK?!?!?
Not everyone is "Merry" today. Not all Americans celebrate Christmas or they just can't get away from it. Some of us have had enough of all the holly jolly movies, commercials and music. That is where Q103 comes in.
This Dirt Bike Rope Swing Rules So Hard [VIDEO]
Introducing the Dirt Bike Rope Swing, no mobile home is complete with out it. I've watched this video like 6 times and I officially want one.
Get me a tree, some rope and the first dirt bike you see. Trust me bro, I've made dirt bike rope swings with less (Steven Baldwin voice)...

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