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Tool Announce 2017 Tour Dates!
So excited to have stumbled upon this piece of news today- Tool has announced a tour! Announced are select dates in May and June, with even a few stops in New York. See the announcement post, including info on ticket sales (and VIP packages) here:  https://www...
Just Announced: Korn Posts US Cities, Teases More US Dates!
Korn made a HUGE teasing announcement via Instagram overnight, with a short video clip showing a list of US cities, before turning to a television 'snow screen' (what I used to like to call it when the signal went out as a kid).  Captioning the clip is simply : "Monday 10am PST"
See the cli…
Best & Worst Games Of 2015 (Video)
I don't get to play video games too often, this year I played "Mortal Kombat," "Madden 16," "NHL 15," "Star Wars: Battlefront,"  and "WWE 2k16."
I am easy to please when it comes to games, so I liked e…
2015 Was A Major Disappointment (VIDEO)
No flying cars, or Black & Decker Hydrator, Lawyers have not been abolished, there has not been a new "Jaws" movie since 1987, the Cubs did not win the World Series, and the Hoverboard is a lie!
Don't believe me?
Just ask Mike Tyson.

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