Q103 Work Day Distraction Reaches Amsterdam!
Congratulations to this week's winners of the Work Day Distraction!
Marshall and his team at R+L Carriers in Amsterdam were this week's winners of the Q103 Work Day Distraction!  They got their job site crashed with all kinds of summer fun prizes, like tickets to Zoom Flume, Hunter Mou…
Got Beer? A New TV Show Is Focused on New York Craft Beers
A new television show has been announced that focuses on none other than beer.
Craft beer to be exact.  Craft beer has become a huge trend in New York, and it feels like new breweries are popping up here, there, and everywhere.  Now, as reported by the Times Union, a new thirteen part …
Another Capital Region Killer Gets Released on Parole
After being denied parole four times, a Capital Region killer has been released.
One would think a horrific murder would be enough to spend the rest of your life in prison.  But apparently, the murder of your wife, placing her body in a car trunk, and lying about it in public is not...
Police Can Now Use a Smartphone App to Catch a Fake ID
It's getting harder to get away with a fake ID with new technology.
Times have definitely changed since I was under 21.  According to a post on, about a twitter post by the New York State DMV, Governor Cuomo has approved police using new technology to catch fake ID&a…
The Amtrak Toys for Tots Train Won’t be Happening This Year
Unfortunately, it was just announced that Amtrak won't be having the Toys for Tots train this year.
News Channel 13 reported that organizers of the Marine Toys for Tots organization announced that Amtrak will not be having the annual Toys for Tots train this year...

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