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Veterans Day (Video)
It's Veterans Day, and I am always conflicted about how to go about celebrating, so I consulted the History Channel on YouTube for answers.
Informative, but I am still conflicted, because the way I like to celebrate holidays, is by watching a holiday appropriate themed movie...
Great Debaters: South Carolina Situation (Video)
Video of the South Carolina deputy, using excessive force on a high school student, has been the hot issue this week, and now, it's the Great Debaters turn to voice their opinions on this hot topic.
The incident.
All jokes aside, I can not relate to the Deputy, because I was always the student in this…
Democratic Debate: Not As Entertaining As Republicans’ (Video)
In Las Vegas, the Democratic debate was an actual political debate, although some of the candidates tried to crack jokes, none could compare to the entertainment value of Donald Trump.
Because the Democratic debate was so boring and political, I feel obligated as an American to share what Fox News th…
Tyler from Theory of a Deadman: Exclusive Interview
Tyler from Theory of a Deadman talks about touring this summer, their new single and video, and about the bands new Mascot “Fall Out Phil."
Theory of a Deadman may or may not be touring again with Bush this summer. Though they enjoyed the experience, and there is a possibility of some …
Arm Yourself With Spam
If you're not listening to The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show then you may have missed the latest, greatest, discovery regarding self-defense. A Alabama middle school principle is thinking outside the box but in the can. Free Beer & Hot Wings are not the only …

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