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Milton Cat gets Crashed!
A HUGE congrats to Milton Cat in Clifton Park, a happy birthday to Brian of MiltonCat, and a BIG shout out to Rob, Susan, Eric, Jackie, Dawn, Mike, Jason, Chris, and Brian and Brian (yes there’s two) and the entire Milton Cat team!!!!!...
Zipline and Concert Tickets won by Gun Workers and Knife Makers
A huge congrats to VARA Firearm Security for winning this week's Work Day Distraction!!! A firearms security company (dealing with some heavy duty weapons), they also share a warehouse with wood-workers and knife-builders.  In fact, the front half of the warehouse is taken up by 'Halfmoon Works,' a …
Highland Tank in Watervliet gets Crashed!
Congrats to Highland Tank- this week’s winner of the Q103 Work Day Distraction!!!  With a workplace full of ridiculously hard workers, I was so glad to be able to swing by with a bucket of goodies from Primus tickets to T-Shirts!
Literally, as I rolled up to the workplace, I coul…
Rock Girl Weekly Update: Free Beer and Hot Wings Live!
Free Beer and Hot Wings are returning to Albany!  Get all the details on this week’s Rock Girl Weekly Update, on video straight from the studio!  Plus, catch Tigman and Tatiana talk Guns N‘ Roses, Zoso, and next week’s giveaways!
An ‘American Girl’ remembers Tom Petty
It’s easy to be at a loss for words with all of today’s news.  From Las Vegas to Tom Petty, today seemed to bring nothing but shock.  And the loss of Tom Petty is one that hit hard.
I got a chance to see Tom Petty for the first time, at SPAC years and years a…

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