New York State Wants To Ban Powdered Alcohol
Last month we told you about possibly one of the greatest inventions ever: powdered alcohol. Literally you can carry your booze in a powdered form. Just add water anywhere and you're good to go.
However, New York, the 'lets not have fun' state, says they don't want it here.
Man Rules: Etiquette for Public Bathrooms
Everyone has 'pet peeves.' Some are more rational than others, but one that disturbs us the most; the lack of bathroom etiquette in public restrooms.
From not washing your hands to people who love to chat while doing their business, we've decided to issue a bit of a refresher on the pr…
New York Among ‘Worst States’ For STDs
A new study looked at each of the 50 states data on infections of major STDs like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. This data was used to determine which states were the safest and worst when it comes to those infections and diseases.
When it's all broken down, New York ranked among the w…
Taco Bell’s Meat – What’s Really In It?
It has long been thought that the meat used in Taco Bell's food was either the lowest grade possible or not even meat at all. The company went 'on the record' with a commercial series in 2011 to explain that their meat is actually meat. But what's in that meat? We have the answer…
You Might Have Herpes And Not Know It
Get ready for the surprise of a lifetime: you might be completely unaware that you are carrying a horrific virus! Hooray for mystery Herpes!
According to a recent study most American’s have Herpes and don’t even know it.

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