Can’t Get Laid? Blame Your Genetics
Ever notice how some guys just do not seem to possess the proper genetics to be strong, successful or you know, get laid? According to a new study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports. That’s because some men lack the actual gene that allows them to be risk-t…
Bad News, Fellas: Masturbation Apparently Does Not Cure Insomnia
Medical experts have concluded that petting the walrus for Jesus, wrestling the bald-headed champ, punchin’ the munchkin, bopping the bologna, beating off, masturbating, or whatever you choose to call playing with yourself will not help a person fall asleep – no matter how much…
Prostate Cancer Treatment May Shrink Your Weenie
Frightened by the idea of an urban witch doctor with a 7-inch long finger giving you your annual, white-knuckle prostate exam? You should actually be more concerned about the possibility of your penis shriveling up like a California raisin.
Top New Year’s Resolutions
First of the year and that means everyone is making resolutions - eat better, work out more, etc. LA Fitness polled 2,000 about their resolutions for 2013 and some of them are your basic answers, others are little more strange.
Can a Smartphone App Keep You STD Free?
If you want to avoid the itch, the drip and the burn that can come from a wild night of frivolous, no-latex sex, you might want to consider bumping phones before you bump uglies. That’s because now there is a new smartphone app that lets you share your STD status with potential partn…
Hey Remember How Condoms Come in Different Sizes? Use Them
Some of us dudes are packing a bit more wiener than sense, according to a new study which shows that despite efforts to educate, many men still choose not to use condoms. The biggest complaint? They say their meat-stick simply will not fit into a one-size-fits-all rubber. We have the opposite p…

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