The Coffee Mug On Your Desk – Germ Central
Do you have an "office or work coffee mug"? You know, one you use time and time again because your place of work doesn't offer cups for you to drink from or you are doing it to better the environment. Think twice before using it again!
Why Do Woman Take Longer To Pack?
Over the weekend I went back to my hometown in Ohio to visit family and friends. This was the first trip for my girlfriend to the "homeland" and her first in person interaction with my family, stressful enough for her right? What about the time it took her to pack and the stress th…
Soda Can Tops – Germ Central
Hitting the vending machine at work during lunch today? Getting a can of your favorite soda? You might want to wash off the top of that bad boy before you even take one sip.
Why It’s Better To Have A Wingman
Apparently, having a wingman is not just some pathetic crutch used by inexperienced dudes that can't get action on their own. Actually, pairing up while on the prowl is something that scientists say is hardwired into the sexual animal that is man - similar to how other species ensure random hoo…
Sexperts Say This Is What Women Really Want in Bed
For most men, having good sex does not equate to much more than a warm, willing-and-able body, a 12-pack of cheap beer, and a furious minute-and-a-half of explosive action.
However, women are completely different; they need a little bit more than just some fat, sweaty, walrus-eyed chump grunting and …
Guy Pulls Off Perfect Romantic ‘Falling’ Proposal
Thank God she said "yes," because if she didn't that was so not worth it.
This video -- in which a guy willingly falls from a building while asking his girlfriend to marry him -- must've taken a lot of time and planning with an immense amount of hope and trust from whomeve…

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