Joining the Generation X Files with Dan America
Sick of 'Millennials'? Frustrated at all the movie remakes, TV show repeats, and lack of original ideas in mainstream media nowadays.  Or maybe you're frustrated at all the GREAT new rock music that's BURIED by mainstream pop and YouTube sensations...
A Deathly Bug Going Around this Halloween
And by 'Deathly Bug,' we're talking Rock Girl Tatiana's Halloween costume this weekend.  A total pun on healthcare, with some of her nurse humor thrown in, and inspired by the idea of the 'death moth' from "Silence of the Lambs."  As promised…
Top 8 Halloween Costumes of 2017
If you are in need of a last minute Halloween costume idea, maybe take some inspiration from this list as these are the most popular ones in the country.
5 Horror Movies For Halloween!
Maybe you don't have kids and are too old to trick or treat.  Or maybe you're an anti-social and just plain don't want to deal with people on the holiday.  What's better than a solid horror movie marathon for Halloween!  You've only got a few days until communities get overtaken by kids in costumes,…

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