First Night of Funny Comedy Show
Everyone is looking for the best way to enter into the new year, it's definitely a good feeling knowing you're starting everything off on the right foot. What better way to start off the new year than by laughing as hard as you possibly can?
Our Very Own Version of the ‘Santa Sprint’
While Q103's Dan America and Tatiana didn't actually participate in any of the "Santa Sprints" or "Speedo Sprints" in Albany this year, they still did a sprint of their own.  To get in the holiday cheer, as well as try to finally duke out who is bet…
Lansing Engineering Gets Crashed!
For the last time in 2017, I got to crash a work day!  Today, it was Lansing Engineering in Malta!  I got the opportunity to crash and talk to Paul and his coworkers, who enjoy a wide range of music, and totally rock!  They are a smiling, hard-working, and welcoming crew in the engine…
Have Your Work Place Crashed for the LAST Time in 2017
It's almost 2018, and we're only doing ONE MORE Work Day Distraction for 2017!  This coming week will be the last time in 2017 that Tatiana crashes a work place, and it could be yours!  That means you've got one last chance this year to win a basket of goodies for your entir…

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