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Wednesday, July 3: Tig’s Rock Birthdays
Happy Birthday today (July 4) to Richie Scarlet. The guitarist for Ace Frehley’s band is 63. Other rockers celebrating include singer Mark Slaughter of Slaughter (54) and singer Michael Sweet of Stryper (55).
Steppenwolf to Play at the New York State Fair
You know you were “born to be wild” as a rock fan!  Steppenwolf, singers of the famous hit “Born to Be Wild,” are going to be playing at the New York State Fair on August 27th for ‘Senior Day.’  That means that i…
Capital Region Farmers Could Be Able to Grow Hemp Soon
While our neighboring states just legalized recreational marijuana this week, we’re dealing with if local farmers can grow hemp or not.  Hemp is so common. You can buy hemp seeds in any health food or grocery store.  You can buy hemp thread to make necklaces (or j…
One Common Grilling Item That’s Actually a Hazard
I never would’ve guessed of all the things involved with grilling that one common item would be a hazard!  But apparently, there’s some danger in grilling outside of just the charcoal and flames.  According to News 10 abc grilling brushes can be ha…

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