Around Albany

Update: Gun Theft Suspect in Custody
Last week, I blogged about the second Capital Region gun store that was robbed within only a week.  The first store robbed was a Target Sports in Glenville on October 23rd, and only a few days later on the 29th, NY Shooter Supply on Central Ave...
Sunday, November 5: Tig’s Rock Birthdays
Happy Birthday today (Nov. 5) to bassist Brian Wheat of Tesla. He's 54. Other rockers celebrating include former Night Ranger guitarist Jeff Watson (61) and Radiohead lead guitarist Jonny Greenwood (46).
Joining the Generation X Files with Dan America
Sick of 'Millennials'? Frustrated at all the movie remakes, TV show repeats, and lack of original ideas in mainstream media nowadays.  Or maybe you're frustrated at all the GREAT new rock music that's BURIED by mainstream pop and YouTube sensations...
Saturday, November 4: Tig’s Rock Birthdays
Happy Birthday today (Nov. 4) to Jeff Scott Soto. The singer best known for his work with Yngwie Malmsteen and as a one time frontman for Journey is 52. Also celebrating is Evanescence guitarist Troy McLawhorn (49).
Milton Cat gets Crashed!
A HUGE congrats to Milton Cat in Clifton Park, a happy birthday to Brian of MiltonCat, and a BIG shout out to Rob, Susan, Eric, Jackie, Dawn, Mike, Jason, Chris, and Brian and Brian (yes there’s two) and the entire Milton Cat team!!!!!...

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