Sometimes change happens, and it's for the better.  While I loved Metro 20 on Western Avenue, it's rebirth as Capital City Diner is even better.For the longest time I remember driving by and seeing the Metro 20 Diner near Crossgates Mall in Guilderland.  Then one day I drive past and the place has gotten a full blown facelift.  No longer a blob of pink and green, but blue and awesome. It was Capital City Diner, and I was in love.

Now of course I had to try the food. Was it awesome?  Yes it was, which meant not only did I like the scenery change, I also liked the food change.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner, this place has your fix.  Huge portions of no matter what you want, and more items to choose from then you can imagine.  In all honesty, you could probably eat there for a year and select different things for each meal.

While I will always have a place in my heart for the Metro 20, I have given it an eviction notice because Capital City has fully moved in.  Great food, great service, and great diner atmosphere.