Are you a cute, young girl who loves to look good, go to rock concerts and get paid? If so, then being a part of the Q-Tease street team might just be the thing for you! Q103 is looking for that perfect girl who has it all: looks, personality, smarts and is overall a rocker chick who loves being looked at and talking to all sorts of different people. Think you're up for the challenge? Find out how to apply to be a Q-Tease after the jump!

The rock girl; affectionately known in Albany area as the Q103 Q-Tease (cutie). We’re searching for Capital Region hometown hotties to join our Q-Tease street team!  Do you consider yourself cute and like to rock? Would you like to go to rock shows and get paid??! Do you think you have what it takes to handle the tough assignment of being a Q103 Q-Tease? If you like being the center of attention then we want you!! Applications are being accepted online now at the babes section. We’re in the process of finding our next Q-Tease star, it could be you! Sponsored by Knockouts, “Haircuts for Men”on Wolf Road. 

So you think you can live up to the challenge of joining Amanda, Heather, Jen, Jodi, Nikki and Stephanie and being part of the hottest street team around? Apply here, and try your luck with the Q103 Q-Tease!

Good luck, and Go Rock Yourself at 1035 & 1039!