Parts of Connecticut lost cable after a power outage hit the cable provider. This prompt a few self centered crybabies to call 911. So much so that the police headed to Facebook to tell people that their cable problems is not an emergency nor a police matter. 

Clearly your t.v. not broadcasting your favorite shows is way more important than a neighbor's house burning down or a family member injured in a car accident. And the police need to do something about. As Mericans we have rights! Such as the right to have our fast food perfect from the drive through every time, and the right to have uninterrupted cable t.v., and the right to have the cops arrest anyone we point at and say arrest them.

Why can't people understand that the police is not their personal instant gratifier, also that if you think something should be a law doesn't mean it is a law. There is a simple fact that if people understood the better life will be for them.  And that is "Sometimes things happen. Get over it".