Jason "Jay" James of Bullet for My Valentine was a busy man on Day 2 of Rock on the Range hitting nearly every form of press in the tent, he was kind enough to join me at our table to finish up his run.

To say his was a little bit tired is understatement

I didn't go to bed until 6 and got up at 11. I rolled out of the bed and straight into the media tent.


It's one big bus ride

Jay has a few days left of the instanity of touring before he has some time to spend with his family

As soon I land, I have no time for jet lag. I get my two children for two days and then I fly to Poland. It's gonna be back and forth until the end of the year.

Their new album 'Temper Temper' was recently released but the band might already have plans on a new album for 2014.

You gotta keep them on their toes

Don Gilmore produced the band's last album, "Fever", and was brought back on board for the latest effort but the situation wasn't always a good one between lead singer Matt Tuck and Don.

When we first started working with him for Fever - him and Matt went head to hear. Arguing.


We scraped everything we'd done because Matt was not happy with they he was seeing things.


Now we love him.

Will Don come back for the next record? Only the band knows but they have a lot of material left over from previous records

There's always music left over from the albums. there's stuff left over from the Poison days we haven't used yet. 2014 will probably start writing something new.

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