The Buffalo Bills are 3-0 and yesterday I wasn't at Ralph Wilson Stadium, but it sure felt like I was as I went out for Q103's Sunday football at McGeary's in downtown Albany.  I knew Bills fans had passion, but this crowd really put it in perspective for me.

It is crazy to say that right now the Buffalo Bills are one of the best teams in the NFL, but fact is fact and by watching their performances for the last 3 weeks, this team is the real deal.   Yesterday they beat the New England Patriots 34-31 thanks to a last second field goal by Rian Lindel.  That makes the Buffalo Bills one of the last unbeaten teams in the NFL, and first place in their division the AFC East.

Yesterday I was doing what we do every Sunday with Q103, and that was hangout at a Albany area bar for football.  I just happened to be thrown into the largest amount of Bills fans NOT in Orchard Park, NY.  McGeary's in downtown Albany was an ocean of emotion yesterday as the Bills went back and fourth with the Pats.  Even though Tom Brady was on the other side of the ball, these fans remained totally confident that their Bills would come away with a win.

The thing I liked the best was that as I stood there in my Philadelphia Eagles gear watching my team implode against the New York Giants, the Bills fans totally made me feel welcome.  I have been out to a lot of bars around the area for football over the years and I have seen Bills bars all over the place.  There are a few jets bars here and there, but I have yet to see a Giants bar in the area, so why are they considered Upstate, NY's team?  I do know quite a few Giants fans, but there passion is no where near what I see from Buffalo fans.

So be loud and proud Bills nation, because you deserve it.  Hell, you have earned it, especially with yesterday's performance.  The only thing I would suggest is getting rid of that awful celebration song.  "The Bills make me want to shout"?  Not the best team song, but I guess it's better than "Meet the Mets".  I am for sure on the Bills bandwagon.