The worst part about getting pulled over for drunk driving while dressed as Will Ferrell’s character from the movie “Elf” is your mug shot immediately goes viral. Thus is story of this Louisiana man Brandon Touchet.

“Brandon Touchet, 34, was booked into the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office around 3 a.m. in full holiday costume but with a grimace perhaps known better among the South Pole elves.

The Lafayette resident's mugshot displays him in a cutesy lime green outfit paired with a fuzzy white collar. It's a splitting image of the outfit worn by comedian Will Ferrell in the 2003 movie.” –nydailynews

South Pole elves? Really Daily News? Do you honestly believe there are elves in the South Pole?

That’s where those blood-thirsty, tap-dancing penguins live. An elf would have to be out of their mind to set up camp in that area of the world.

Now Guatemala, that’s a more likely place to find an elf. With the average height of the natives, an elf could blend in and assimilate much more easily there then they could the South Pole.