Bud Gaugh, founding member and drummer of Sublime, called in today (6/17) to talk about the release of the band's new CD/DVD "3 Ring Circus: Live At The Palace". The set was filmed on October 21, 1995 and is now seeing the light of day after a modern touch-up with remastering and remixing from the original mono source soundboard mix.

The release coincides with the 25th anniversary of the band's first ever performance live (July 4, 1988). Bud says this wasn't something they had in the "vault" but they knew of the footage and audio:

We knew it existed. I was just a matter of getting it in our hands.

It was kind of a find but we knew it was out there... it was just a matter of getting it ready for packaging.

The surviving members of Bud and Erik Wilson have been playing together, even as Sublime with Rome, but Bud says it's amazing how the fans have stayed so loyal since Brad Nowell's passing

It's just amazing that we haven't been out there playing in how many years and people come up to say 'Thanks':

To share that bond with people you don't know it's an extremely generous gift.

Finding this stuff and being able to share it with those people is like us saying 'Thank You' for them saying 'Thank You'

Bud left Sublime with Rome in 2011 saying in interviews that "it didn't feel right playing the songs under the Sublime name without Brad." What has the drummer been up to since his departure? Well he had a son, Buddy, and has been working hard at his body shop:

That's been a fantasy of mine since I was 8 years old.

One car I'm almost finished with I bought in '94. And I think I actually drove that car to the Palace show that night with my surf in the board in the back. It's a '62 Chevy convertible.

I did a complete frame off, resto-mod. So it's gonna show and go.

Bud has a new band called Phil & The Blanks while also working with new Delmar material. Check out the full interview below.