Remember that Tyson/Holyfield fight back in 97? How could you not. Holyfield was beating on Mike and Mike was like: Nah, you headbutted me, I'm gonna take out a chunk of your ear with my mouth. I remember seeing this thinking: I can't believe big Mike Tyson just did that. Fast forward to 2-12-13, Stamford, CT.

Emilio Mendoza (27) was listening to some music when his cousin Ruiz Clemente-Perez (29), who had to work in the morning, asked him to turn it down. That's when Mendoza decided he wasn't having that and starting punching his cousin (Perez) in the head. During the 'brawl' Mendoza chomped down on his cousins earlobe and wouldn't you know: He swallowed it!

Beside beating and eating part of his cousin, Mendoza also broke his cousins nose and fractured his eye socket resulting in first degree assault charges. Mendoza is currently in the clink hoping to scrape together 100 grand for bail.

Should be an interesting story for the family during Christmas dinner, ehh?