Beer lovers everywhere are in for a treat this holiday season.  Great Lakes Brewing Company has decided to take a stab at creating a beer flavored ice cream.  Can you say best dessert ever?

Christmas beers have always been one of my favorite type of seasonal ale.  It has a very unique style and flavor that really encompasses the season.  Great Lakes Brewing Company in Ohio is making this holiday's brew season a little cooler by taking their signature Christmas Ale and making it into an ice cream flavor.

Great Lakes is going to combine efforts with Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream to bring you Christmas Ale Ginger Snap ice cream.  It certainly sounds delicious.  According to NewsNet5 the tasty treat will be made with all local ingredients.   Unfortunately it looks like it will only be available around Northeast Ohio.  This might be worth a road trip though.  Hopefully they make it available to purchase online, but not really sure how well ice cream will ship.