With the "everything old is new again" mentality of Hollywood - get ready for a reprisal of Boys Meets World. This time, it's a bit different and not a retelling of the original series.

Sources say that Disney Channel is in the planning stages for a Boy Meets World spin-off, of sorts. This time around, Girl Meets World would follow Cory and Topanga's daughter Riley, 13, as she faces similar challenges that her parents meet in the original. She'll have a "Shawn Hunter" style best friend named Maya and an older brother, Elliot, who is 14.

What about Cory and Topanga? No word yet if Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel will reprise their roles but, the Cory character will see himself in a Mr. Feeny-like role as Rely's 7th grade history teacher.

Several things, good and bad, come to mind about this as it was a very iconic show in my childhood. I remember waiting for every Friday, TGFI on ABC, to see the latest episode. It was cool to see the cast grow up with you and that show has a special place in my memories. 

The Good
#1 - Sharing memories with a child in your life of a show you once loved and grew up with. If I had kids, it would be awesome to share something with them in a new light and see how the characters are now in their adult lives, that leads me to the second:

#2 - For a fan, it will be great to see what happened afterall. When they end a show, it's always tough to say "goodbye" and never knowing what happens after that last episode kinda sucks.

#3 - If they can get Ben and Danielle back, makes it that much better. Danielle on her Twitter account this week hinted that her Ben have talked but made no mention of the possibility of them returning to their rolls.

The Bad
#1 - With most Disney Channel shows, there's a laugh track over very un-funny parts and the jokes are bit forced. I know this thanks to my niece's countless hours of watching the Disney Channel while I am home for the holidays

#2 - Most Disney Channel shows have horrible actors playing the roles. Makes it very unbelievable and yes, I know those shows are aimed at kids but still. I hope they try to make a believeable show like the original was.

#3 - Re-read 1 and 2 on 'The Bad' again. Just have to stress it them.

It will be interesting what comes next and if the project gets off the ground. I'm not completely against it, just as long as Hollywood doesn't ruin something from my childhood, for the 5th billion time.

What do you think?