Little Bow Wow and old rickety arms Trya Banks are sucking face on national TV? Is this sexy or some form of pedophilia? I know I’m supper out of the loop but isn't Bow Wow like 14 years old or something? Or even if he is of young adult age that still doesn't make Tyra banks any younger. I can remember making magazine pages of her stick together like 15 years ago. And that was way before she turned into a walking waterbed with a giant forehead.

I want to ask why would Bow Wow do such a thing but I know he was tricked into this somehow. I’m sure he was just sitting on the couch while Tyra offered him some ribbon candy. Then she asked him if he could help her carry some old boxes down to the cellar. After he moved the boxes for her she than filled a nice cold glass of lemonade and offered it to Bow Wow with a plate full of homemade cookies. After he at the cookies she quickly knitted him a sweater and as she tried to hold it to his chest to see if it would fit Tyra banks slipped her teeth out and went for the gold.