The idea that this guy Geoffrey Portway had a legit plan to kidnap, assault and EAT children isn't even the craziest part of this story. The insane part is he isn't being locked up for life! I’m all about second chances and allowing people to show that they can change but I think I draw the line at this one.

“Portway went by the moniker ‘Fat Longpig’ during his online chats, according to court documents.

It was these chats -- which included discussions about abducting, raping, murdering and eating children, according to court documents -- that put Portway on the radar screen of police.” –CNN

I feel like once you have thoughts of doing horrific things such as raping and eating children there really isn’t much wiggle room. What kind of therapy can be done to correct this man’s thinking and letting him understand that is wrong. Is he going to wake up one day and say “Eureka, children are not snacks, wheat thins are snacks. Silly me, it’s all so clear now”! In reality that’s probably not how it’s going to work. The damage has been done.