Don’t you hate when you put something minuscule off like booking a venue for your wedding and then when it comes time to get married realizing you totally forgot? I’m sure this type of situation happens all the time.

But, if you are a quick-thinker like this bro in Liverpool you can prevent hearing the nagging voice of your fiancé telling you, “I told you so” over and over.

“Panicked Neil McArdle telephoned St George’s Hall to pretend an explosive had been left in the building where he was due to marry.

He even let his unwitting fiancé turn up in her wedding dress, only to find the historic venue evacuated and swarming with police.” -

Now that is some quick thinking. “Oh man looks like we can’t get married today honey. That’s really too bad, because I totally booked this venue and everything."

Pure genius, except for the whole going to jail part, but you know what I mean.