Being that we are celebrating Independence Day today it has got me in the mood to watch some movies that reflect American history.As we celebrate the 4th of July today let's not forget what got us here.  Winning our Independence from England and then setting out to preserve that freedom over the years.  Sure, there have been some dark days for this country, but we have always pulled through in the end.  One thing that has always gotten us through is movies.

Hollywood has always done a fantastic job or portraying certain moments of our history.  Since the 1930's film makers have been depicting historical events and they have just gotten better over time.  Who among us doesn't love a good patriotic movie?  It makes you think about the country and how we got here today.  Let's just not forget that it all started with a little tea party though.

So here are my 5 favorite patriotic movies in honor of the fourth of July.

5. Miracle

Sure it's not a war movie, but it sure does get me fired up about the red white and blue! Tell me when you guys hear this speech by coach Herb Brooks that you don't want to go out and kick some as at, well, anything!

4. Glory

The true life story of the first battalion of soldiers in the Civil War made up of former slaves fighting for the freddom of others. Plus you can never go wrong with a 1,2 punch of Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman. One of the most emotional movies ever made. You can't help but getting a little sad at the end of this one.

3. The Patriot

Besides Braveheart, I don't think Mel Gibson has ever done a better job with a movie. This one also really makes me hate the British and Jason Isaacs does a great job of playing the villain. A great portrayal of what every family must have encountered during the Revolutionary War.

2. Gettysburg

A star stubbed cast makes up this movie. Historically accurate and everything. If you're looking to learn something and be entertained then this movie is perfect. That moment when Jeff Daniels character, Col. Joshua Chamberlain, gives that order to his troops to fix bayonets and charge, whoa am I ready to go. Craziest part is that they saved the Union with this move. If they hadn't, who knows what would of happened.

1. Saving Private Ryan

I don't think that there is a person among us that doesn't love this one, or at least hates to love this one. One of the best depictions of the invasion of Normandy ever done. Can't imagine what the troops back then actually went through. One of Steven Spielbergs best films and as far as I'm concerned it is Tom Hanks best role. Maybe more on par with Memorial or Veterans Day, but this is definitely one of my favorite patriotic movies of all time.