There is nothing quite like taking a few things that are awesome and putting them together into something that is even more awesome! I'm talking about supergroups of course and they have been around since the 1960's. These days they seem to be a bit more apparent, but they have been being formed since rock n' roll started coursing through the veins of the world. So which one reigns supreme? I don't think I can make that decision totally, but I can tell you who I think are the 10 best all time.

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    The Damned Things

    These guys are fairly new, but if you have heard the album and seen them live you know that they are the real deal. You take elements of thrash and mix them in with hardcore and then sprinkle in the catchyness of Fallout Boy and you have gold. I love the sound that these guys produce. Can't wait to check them out again and hear more stuff in the future.

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    Anytime you take Vinnie Paul and put him anywhere it's going to have a super quality to it. I was never a big fan of Mudvayne, but transplant them into this band and I have become a fan. They are pretty much all about kicking ass. They have developed quite the following too.

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    Alter Bridge

    Make fun of me all you want, but I was a Creed fan. When they broke up I was thinking, well what are the rest of these guys going to do? Enter Myles Kennedy. He is 10 times the vocalist that Scott Stap ever was and one hell of a nice guy. Alter Bridge has such an awesome sound and the harmonies that they bring to the table are so good. These guys will be around for a long while, unless Slash steals Kennedy away. Even Slash is dying to work with him. he's that good.

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    Any bands looking to form a supergroup should take notes from these guys. Chickenfoot combined one the best vocalists in rock (Sammy Hagar), one of the best guitar players (Joe Satriani) and created one of the most kick ass sounds out there. A big part of that sound is also the drumming of Chad Smith from the RHCP and Michael Anthony (Van Halen). They only have one album out right now, but the whole thing is fantastic. With another album on the way, Chickenfoot is here to stay.

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    Velvet Revolver

    It's hard to argue that Slash isn't one of the top 5 guitar players of all time. For as much trouble as Scott Weiland has gotten into over the years, one thing is for certain. He is an awesome front man. Velvet Revolver put together 2 really good albums with Weiland in the front. Since he left they have yet to find a replacement lead singer, and I don't think they will. I wish we would see more from them, but sadly I think we have seen the end of VR, for now anyway.

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    Temple Of The Dog

    Grunge super powers combined into one fantastic tribute album to one of their fallen brethren. If you ask me, Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder are two of the best singers in rock and to combine them together is just awesome. The craziest part is that when this came out, Pearl Jam had yet to break through. Every once in a while they guys will get together to do a song, but for the most part it was a one time thing.

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    The Firm

    Jimmy Page has gotten to work with some of rocks best. The Firm is just one chapter of that. Featuring one of rocks best vocalists in Paul Rodgers plus Chris Slade who is one crazy ass drummer, the Firm was an 80's supergroup. They were only around for 2 years, but that was long enough to leave us some great music.

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    Heaven & Hell

    Back in 2006 the guys in Black Sabbath wanted to get back together and kick ass once again. They didn't want to do it with Ozzy though, they wanted to do it with Ronnie James Dio. Because Ozzy owned the name Black Sabbath, they couldn't use it so instead they went under the name Heaven & Hell, after the song that defined this lineup from the 80's. All of them had at one time had been involved with Sabbath, but Heaven & Hell became it's own beast. They even put out a final album before Dio passed away.

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    The Highwaymen

    It may be a country music supergroup, but it's still pretty damn super. If there was a country music Mt. Rushmore, most of these guys would be on it. Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willy Nelson and Kris Kristofferson, four of the most badass country singers in history. They put this group together in the 80's and it lasted until 1995. I'm not a huge fan of country, but these guys are some of the best in music period.

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    Derek and the Dominos

    I could be wrong, but I think that these guys were one of the first, if not the first supergroup. I can't believe all the talent that is associated with this band, and the music that they produced. Clapton still performs these songs to this day and people are always covering them. I think their version of "Little Wing" is one of the best and the guitar riff in "Layla" will never be duplicated. It's pretty hard to argue that these guys aren't the greatest supergroup of all time.