Every once in a while I find a new beverage and become totally obsessed with it.  This is would be one of those times.

First off, yes I know I could easily make my own iced coffee.  This stuff just happens to be super delicious, and on a hot day it is nice and refreshing.  It's no news that I am obsessed with coffee, but this has taken it to another level completely.

Not only can I make any kind of coffee whenever I want thanks to my magical Keurig machine, but now I can also keep a stock of iced coffee in my fridge.  That is what we call a win folks.  Just happened to stumble on this awesomeness while walking through the grocery store.  It mus be a hot product, because it was one of the only ones left.

If you are a fan of coffee or iced coffee, you'll want to try this out.