Every year the Goodguys Auto show happens in Rhinebeck, NY.   So I went there today to check out all the classic cars and represent the radio station. Usually come June we get our annual e-mail about going out to Rhinebeck for the big Goodguys East Coast Nationals auto show.  Generally I am busy with other things and don't get a chance to go, but this year I did and it was pretty cool. I am not a car guy by any means.  I hardly know what makes my Honda Civic run, let alone rebuild a classic muscle car. Never the less, it was very cool to see all the different cars and trucks that people had there on display.  There was even a Bat-Mobile, which was my favorite car of the day.

The best part about the auto show today, the weather!  Just a few exits down the thruway it was sunny and warm unlike here in the Albany area.  So if you're looking for something to do for the rest of your weekend, you might want to check this out! More info can be found here.