The Green Day front man got a rude awakening when his pants were a little low on a South West flight to his hometown of Oakland, CA.

Yahoo Music is reporting that Billie Joe Armstorng of Green Day was kicked off a recent flight because his pants were too low.  This isn't the first time a passenger has been kicked off a flight because of something like this.

Armstrong tweeted about the incident shortly after he was asked to leave the South West flight going from Burbank to Oakland, CA.

According to a reporter that happened to be on the flight he was asked to pull his pants up to which he replied, "You don't have anything more important to worry about?"  That must not have sat to well with the flight staff because it was shortly after that, that Armstrong was asked to get off the plane.

The problem was quickly resolved according to a South West spokesperson and Armstrong got onto the next available flight to Oakland.

With all the other problems of the world, some baggy pants on a rock star should be something they are concerned with least.  Just keep your eyes open for shoe bombs and box cutters.