Either I’m totally naive and don’t understand the purpose of a strike or I’m super jealous.

It seems like the hot new trend is striking. The NFL refs, the NHL lockout and now some company down the road from the radio station pickets every morning. I have no idea what they are mad about because the signs they hold up have an essay written on them and I can't possible read it all while driving by. Tip to the picketers- keep it punctual!

Also what’s the deal with marching in small circle? That drives me nuts. Is it really that more effective if you move in a small organized group? I’m pretty sure I'd read more of your signs if you’d just stand still.

Also, if I ever went on strike I don’t think I’d spend my day outside work NOT getting paid. If I’m not working, I’m doing something productive. I’d wake up crack of noon everyday. Spend like three hours at the gym. Then come home and finally finish my NHL season on XBox. I can’t even tell you how important it would be to stockpile lubrication when I’m on strike. With out it my clown would look like I pushed it out of a speeding car. Or maybe id travel.

That’s just me. Maybe I'd do none of these but one things for sure, I certainly wouldn’t walk around with a sing in a crappy little circle - I’m a figure eight guy!