17 Teens were blindfolded and lead into the woods where they were beaten, burned and peed on. Sometimes I like to believe the act of hazing has died but then someone ups the ante. To become part of a group some jack hole kids told some other jack holes with low self esteem that they needed get beat to get it. The serious issue with this is the kids who got beat don’t see an issue with it.

“We can’t make a person a victim if they don’t want to be… The ones who were assaulted have said, `I don’t want any part in this prosecution.’ The kids who were beat up have said ‘we agreed to it.’” –LT Jeff Brand

A dance team is one thing, but this looks like the early stages of the development of a creepy cult. Some sort of strange fetish dance cult. People who willingly want to be beat and burned and peed on? This is the type of stuff you have to order special from Germany.