A 175 pound black bear was released back into the wild and after watching this video I say he’s still a huge threat to the people of Albany NY.

Tuesday night a black bear wondered into a Albany Neighborhood near interstate 787 and after officials were called the bear was tranquilized and captured. However, the Times Union has released the rare footage of the bear being released back into the wild which leaves me terrified.

They just let this bear go? And it doesn’t look like he had a blind fold on at all. You’re telling me this bear knows what you look like and where you drove him? If I we’re his captors I’d look into relocation. Because if I know bears and I do, They love honey, killing, and Coca-Cola. And you took this bear away from where his cola supply was (Albany) and now he’s going to be pissed! Run for your lives citizens, there’s a thirsty inconvenienced bear on the loose!