So there's this Batman vs. Superman movie that's coming out in 2016, and Ben Affleck is playing Batman. When I first heard this news I was skeptical as change is frightening and fear is the mind-killer. On Wednesday, Ben was barred from playing at the Hard Rock Casino "due to moving his money with the count", which is apparently a fancy way of saying card counting, as is perfect basic, the system he was allegedly using.

Now let's assume Ben picked up how to card count in 2000 while making Reindeer Games. That means he's been able to count cards for 14 years, and has only now been caught. Why? To prove he can. You know who else I would arbitrarily assume could count cards, Batman.

That's right, this incident has single-handedly given me reason to believe Affleck can play Batman. Now for no reason whatsoever, here is the trailer for Reindeer Games, complete with Ben Affleck dressed as a cowboy. Enjoy!