Do you find yourself getting overly excited about your banana and accidentally smashing it in your gorilla like hands before you even get to eat it? Well the Banana Bunker is the answer for you. Never again will you open up your lunch bag to find mashed banana all over your PB&J. Nope, now with this hot new product the Banana Bunker you can move Banana from point A to point B with zero risk of sitting on it, dropping it or applauding at something exciting and forgetting it was in your hand. Also let’s not forget the benefits of making everyone in your office or class assuming you are a grade A freak-a-zoid when you pull your “ribbed for banana pleasure” Bunker from your lunch. All the fun, excitement and high levels of potassium anyone could ever ask for. Thanks Banana Bunker!


PS: Turns out this is actually a pretty big deal thing that I am just now hearing about. I looked it up on twitter and people cannot stop talking about their Banana Bunker.