Sometimes sports need to evolve just to stay relevant. These Olympians are working towards making Badminton the next big sport.It's kind of hard to think of game that uses something called a Shuttlecock as being cool, unless your a mid 18 century child. The Thailand national Badminton team just incorporated another popular sport of Thailand to Badminton, Kickboxing.

In this video we see two former teammates that played together in the London games exchange a word or two. Soon one of the athletes starts chasing the other around the arena. Finally punches are thrown till the fight is broken up.

I can't help to feel bad for the guy who is on the receiving end of the punches, I can't tell if he is being the better man or if he just can't fight. Either way in the next Olympics Badminton might actually get some real T.V. coverage, if not just follow this storyline.