Guns n' Roses lead singer Axl Rose got into a bit of trouble in 2006 on a Bentley Flying Spur car that he leased and went way over the miles on and returned damaged.

According to, Axl Rose has settled the lawsuit he had going on with Bentley Financial Services.  He leased a the car through Bentley back in 2005 and returned the car well after it's due date with many more miles on it that there was suppose to be and also the car had damage to it's tires and tail lights.

Bentley wanted $73,976.42 from Rose to cover the damage and the exceeded miles, but Axl refused to pay so the two parties went to court.  TMZ now reports that they have reached a settlement and Axl will only be paying Bentley $53,000.

Axle was reportedly 42,397 miles over the limit on the $192,000 car.  He also returned the car with the wrong spare key.