AreJay Hale of Halestorm called and chatted with Styles on Tuesday (2/12) about their Grammy Win, what it means to the band, the post-win celebration, touring, and more.

This past Sunday Halestorm, according to some, shocked the rock world by taking home the Grammy for "Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance". AreJay said "we didn't even expect to win. The nomination was victory enough." The band arrived the night before to receive their "nomination medallion" which "that was our celebration night. We won, we did it."

When Halestorm arrived at the Grammy's, they went to conduct press and enjoy the experience of the event firsthand. AreJay continued with "I was video taping the guy presenting our award expecting to hear Anthrax then turning the camera on us to say alright guys we did it, we make it, it's great to be here and then they said Love Bites." (listen to the interview below, AreJay's reaction cannot be described in words).

The band hits the road in April for the Harddrive Live tour with Bullet For My Valentine and Young Guns. The conversation went on to what it's like playing in New York City, where they will be on April 30th: "It sucks for a band playing there because you have to park your bus in New Jersey and they cargo van you, the gear to the venue. When you get there, there's no dressing room or place to go so you end up spending your time in the bathroom [waiting to go on] (laughs)".

In the meantime the band is recording their Covers EP along while shooting the video for the third single "Here's To Us" and heading to Europe for a run in March.

To finish things out, AreJay talked about being nominated for the Revolver Golden Gods Awards' "Best Drummer of the Year" saying "it's very honoring to apart of the category. Even if I don't win - I'm doing what I did for the Grammy's, not expecting the win."

How would it feel to win though? "That's not just validation for the entire band, that's validation as a drummer. It's a huge honor. It's amazing just to be nominated".

The full 15 minute interview can be heard below.