Ok, cheaters.  I've got your edge on tomorrow night's trivia festivities right here.  You can thank me later.

Rob Dawes and the Q-Tease are back for another round of trivia tomorrow night at Dublin's Restaurant & Lounge at 121 4th Street in Troy.  The games begin at 7, so be punctual and make sure the magic marker on your palms doesn't sweat off because you're going to need these answers to defeat the dreaded Q-Tease - remember not to make direct eye contact or you may turn to stone (well, at least part of your anatomy anyway).

In no particular order, some of the questions you will be asked tomorrow night are: 

Name the seven colors of the rainbow. - Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet

Remember ROY G. BIV from elementary school?  If you can't remember back that far, check the box of crayons you know you stuff in your shirt pocket JUST IN CASE you need to leave a Hawaiian an emergency message.
What brand became the first sugar-free sugar substitute, in 1957? - Sweet'n Low

They're the ones in the pink packets you usually avoid when sweetening up your coffee.
What country had a swim team that swore off drinking and Big Macs for the 1996 Olympics? - The U.S.

We've more than made up for all the Big Macs and alcohol missed that year.  The proof is in my blog about our state's latest fatty statistics.
Drew Barrymore was born in which decade of the 20th century? - The 70's

Yup, she's that old.  Don't let all the plastic surgery fool you.  They're not real.

Good luck, minions!  Use this knowledge wisely, crush the competition, and SCORE TICKETS FOR MOTLEY CRUE coming to SPAC July 23rd!!  Oh, yeah, that’s going to happen too.  Did I forget to mention that?